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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 28, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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now, i believe that's what's left of the second piece of wreckage. virginia state police say that the plane flown by the pilot who died was destroyed by flames. the other plane is a chopper cherokee. the pilot of that plane was able to land it and transported in fredericksburg. the plane was coming into the airport here. we'll have much more on this story coming up tonight. >> but moving on at this point, at this memorial day and the services honoring the ultimate sacrifice. mr. obama said that they need to keep up with the commitment to the veteran and the families of the fallen soldier. meanwhile speaking here at the memorial day service, they are hoping that mitt romney could promise to maintain america's
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military work. just a couple hours more from the white house. >> president obama marked the 50th anniversary of the memorial day with a visit. you are are often blamed for a war that you did not start when you need to be commended in serving your country with the balance. >> reporter: he's a navy veteran, leading the ceremony. today, i'll dedicate the memory of my friends whose names are on this wall. >> reporter: in a day full of remembrance, they also later read that the tomb of the unknown at the arlington national cemetery. >> these 600 acres are home to the americans from every part of the country, who gave their lives in every corner of the globe. >> and the president is promising returning war veterans that they will get the benefits they deserve. the nine-year war in iraq is over and the combat troops are suppose to be out of
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afghanistan by 2014. the republican white house hopeful mitt romney was in san diego attending a memorial day service with the senator at the haver ran's memorial service. they call for the country to continue building the strong military. >> we'll choose that course in america, so we don't just win wars, but prevent wars because of strong america. it will be the best of turns that the war has been embedded. >> since the september 11 terrorist attacks, that was happening in the u.s. for cbs news, the white house. >> and a new gallup poll finds many american vets supporting mitt romney come november of the veterans recently surveyed. 58% would vote for romney, while 34% would support president obama. thousands of people are lining the avenues for the eighth annual ceremonies.
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now, they honor the air force for the second strait year -- straight year. it could not be good in those costumes and those watching from the sidewalks. several people were treated for the heat-related illnesses. the couple was taken to the hospital as a precaution. for years, a shortage for the people to participate at the funerals and the memorials to the war veteran. it is keenly felt on a day such like today. hundreds of the u.s. veterans pass away every single day. many will get a recording of the taps. today, the retired navy musician braved the heat to play at the veteran cemetery. and this despite struggling with cancer and the after effects of the stroke. >> about the third military, you know, when they come up. >> a group is recruiting the volunteers to see that every
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veteran has a live one to call him or her home. if you are are interested in volunteering, you could find a link on the website on tucked away among all the well-known washington sites is a memorial to d.c.'s dough boys of world war i. as they show us, the memorial looks as dignified as ever for this memorial day. >> reporter: a coming out celebration. >> this is actually the first memorial day that is being celebrated since the memorial was restored. >> reporter: for the district of columbia and world war i memorial. >> a moment of silence in honor of the district residence who gave their lives. >> rescued from years of neglect by the full rest race. the only local monument on the national mall, add downed adjourned with 499 views. >> and it all happened here in
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this area. >> this focuses as nothing else does down here on the history and sacrifice of the city. >> reporter: some in congress want to make this d.c. memorial the national world war i memorial. and the residence say not so fast. >> we want the district of columbia to remain the district of columbia. >> reporter: the district council is usualing the same -- is urging the same. >> it is felt here near the white house, which would offer a fitting. >> keep the memorial quiet, personal. >> this allows us to have a great view for you by feeling the names, feeling the spaces. >> reporter: and local. a place to highlight the local sacrifice. >> there is always something to be learned from history. >> and to learn a lesson. on the national mall. 9news now. >> supporters of the sale will be keeping a close eye on the
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legislation that will try to rename the sites. >> and for now thousands of people are are are stuck in their cars for the memorial day weekend and for the beaches. people driving to the beach will be offering nothing. i'm scott broom at the chesapeake bay bridge this memorial day. and so many people are trying to beat the heat at the water front state park. and they will start turning people away. and they will be occupying people here in their overstuffed cars. >> we just drive an hour and 20 minutes. we need to find something to do. >> reporter: this is a state park that reached their capacity of 10,000 people at 1 1:40 this morning. forcing officials to turn away thousands more. >> and so what do we do now? >> it's disappointing? >> yes, very disappointing. >> reporter: some good news was found out on the highway. that's when the motorists enjoyed gas prices down for the
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7th week in a row and 16 cents lower than this time last year. at the chesapeake bay bridge, 9news now. it is now just a tropical depression, but the storms are are still washing out the memorial day plants throughout the southeast part of the nation. they are weakening as they move inland. but they are continuing to slam the island with the high winds and rough seas. the storm pounded northwestern florida with the near hurricane- forced winds and torrential rain that has made their landfall near jacksonville just after midnight on monday. they are causing flooding as they top much-needed rain across the drought stricken rain. >> you could see widespread 5 to 10 inches of rain well inland. that could actually be some good news despite the washout for the holiday weekend. thousands of people are in northern florida and southern georgia, still without power. it officially starts on friday, but it is already the second main storm of the season. even though that it made landfall just hundreds of miles south, the storm that disrupted
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the holiday weekend as far north as virginia beach. life guards had to rescue dozens of people from the rough surf. they triggered red flag warnings with the dangerous currents on both saturday and sunday, limiting swimming to just wade deep water. back in the d.c. of the metro area, we're dealing with the heat alert. how does it feel out here? >> it feels pretty steamy out here. i know a lot of folks are out this enjoying their barbecues. it looks good. most of us will not be dealing with the threat of the thunderstorms around here. and we'll talk about that in just a moment, but first, the heat advisory in effect tonight until 9:00 for the d.c. metro area. now, they got an excessive heat warning going on. all right, here is the heat index for you. once you factor in the humidity, it will feel like it is 93 downtown. 96 in manassas and fredericksburg and even up north. it feels like 91.
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cumberland, it feels like 94 for you. you have dealt with the flash flooding earlier tonight and with the storm going on through. now for the rest of today, we'll get out and we did get up to 90 degrees downtown. not quiet enough to beat the record of 97. but both baltimore, you tied at 90 degrees. we'll talk more about the heat and how long it will last before you get any sort of break. back to you. >> all right, thank you. four more farm animals have been attacked at the frying pan farm park. this comes just one month after three horses were stabbed on the very same property. the fairfax county police are still investigating if these two incidences are related. a lot of people in the area believe that this will be a serial animal thrasher on the loose. >> was that very nice? >> no. >> that's not very nice to hurt animals. >> reporter: parents are are having a tough time trying to explain to their kids why someone would want to hurt these baby animals.
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>> you've got to go save them? okay, buddy. go save them. >> reporter: when they came to feed them on sunday morning, they found four animals that had been stabbed overnight. two goats, a chicken, and a cat. and you can see the cuts on their head are being held together by staples. >> that's just atrocious. >> it's disgusting. it's scary, it's senseless. >> reporter: especially scary since the same thing happened one month ago to the date. but at that time it was three horses. >> it's a nightmare. i survive wars here. you know, it is the kind of thing that, well, you cannot accept it. it is hard to, well, say okay, you know, that's life. it's not a life. it shouldn't be. >> reporter: it's a part of the program. it is therapeutic riding programs for people with special needs. requiring the special kind of course. >> and the tolerance for them and they are all social. they don't have the natural instinct just to run away from the stranger. >> reporter: that's likely what happens again a month later in this barn. two of the four animals were
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stabbed here under a year old and still bottle fed. they had no reason to fear humans until now. >> how many people out there would go and do something like this? it is nice to have it happen twice. you've got to believe it's the same person. >> reporter: at this point, they have very few leads. they are are hoping that someone saw something. as for the animals, all of them are are expected to make a full recover -- all of them are expected to make a full recovery. two of the horses are back in service, giving a ride to the kids with special needs. >> and the events are here over the weekend. they are just horrific. atrocious really are. and i would expect that, you know, the international community, that the pressure will mount. >> and that is the general here, the chairman of the joint chief of staff, talking about the renewed violence in the war- torn syria. fighters are are loyal to the president here -- fighters are loyal to the president here. believing that they killed 100 people. under the age of 10. witnesses say that the entire families were simply executed.
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dempsey says that the u.s. military force will only be used if the diplomacy fails. the hunt is on for two accused murderers, busting out of the jail. they were noticed missing around 3:00 this morning and a search reveals that they use a hacksaw blade to cut it open. breaking a second story window and somehow escaped through the tall barb wire fence. prosecutors are trying to figure out how they did it. still to come, she's a high school student working two jobs to help support her family. we'll find out why the judge sentenced her to a day behind bars. and right after the break, a golden anniversary for one of our country's grandest bridges.
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welcome back. 75 years ago today, the first cars drove across the golden gate bridge. since then, more than 2 billion cars have followed. the anniversary was marked with a major celebration. a milestone celebrated with a spectacular fireworks show over the san francisco bay. they paid tribute to the
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state's architectural view. and you didn't even need to cross in on the span to get in on the fun, thanks to the souvenir snapshot. >> and how did it feel to dangle off the bridge? >> it felt good. >> was it kind of scary? >> yeah. >> thousands of tourists and the bay area residence took part in the ceremonial hike or the bike ride across the 1.7 mile span. >> what is it about walking across the bridge? >> it is a very memorable day for me. it is 70 feet. and i remember my daughter, she was 2 years old on the 50th. >> oh. >> and did you walk across that day? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: it took almost four years to build the bridge at an estimated current cost of $1.2 billion. the golden gate famous dark orange color was not the first choice. it was originally used as a primer, but the designers decided to stick with it and it became known as the international orange. parts of the bridge were given
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a touchup for the 75th anniversary. and now, the bay area residence are already planning the 100th anniversary festivities for the beloved landmark. teresa garcia, cbs news. the last two known builders of the golden gate bridge passed away in april within a week of each other. a live look right now at the white house on the hot and steamy memorial day. some are starting to see the sun go down. we'll be here in just a moment with your full forecast. and right after the break, why the overworked honor student was sent to jail for a day.
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she works a full and part- time job after missing too much school. now, she said that she is just exhausted and cannot always make it to work on time. she spent last wednesday in the slammer. now, supporters are trying to get the offense removed from her record so it would not hamper her future opportunities. >> could anything be done to revoke this? >> yeah, we probably could. >> will you? >> i have not thought on that issue because it turns me, well, you know, he's not going to do anything. >> she works so much. just to afford a brother in college, a little sister who lives with other relatives, her parents divorced, and moved
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away. now, talk about a young woman carrying an awful lot, too much on her shoulders. >> yeah, it sounds like it. now, the hot memorial day, but perfect for all the kids in the pools, the family is doing the barbecue, hot and steamy, but that had be okay. >> okay -- but that will all be okay. >> yes, and the heat was on the humidity, the humidity was on. that is when they went ahead and issued a heat advisory just because of the unusually hot conditions. and a steamy night out there. mostly sunny, 88 degrees. winds are south southwest at 13 miles per hour. our radar is showing a little bit of the activities. out towards west virginia. and take a look at the pop-up thunderstorms. and also maybe parts north of us into northern maryland. but really for most of us,
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those barbecues, they should go off without a hint. it should be fine. that is now in effect for the d.c. metro area. we'll cool off just a little bit overnight. right now, 88 degrees. 88 in gaithersburg. 86 in winchester. cumberland in the upper 80s. ocean city, you're now at 80 degrees. it was a fantastic weekend to go to the beaches as long as you have made it to beat the crowds. hot and humid for the next couple of days. icy storms are possible for you. hot and muggy for tuesday once again. scattered storms are are possible for you. tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening. then we're looking to be cooler for thursday and friday. but the 9 future cast is showing us generally overnight that things should cool down just a little bit. it will still be muggy. tomorrow morning, looking like lots of sunshine, bring out the sunglasses. then the cold front will come through for the north and west of town. by tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening, the better chance for the scattered showers and thunderstorms for you.
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now, wednesday morning, you may have the leftover showers and storms than the clouds. so pull out for the afternoon. you should see the partial leering for wednesday. and then we'll also see the cooler and drier air come in for the later half of the week. so tonight, partly cloudy, muggy. maybe a storm, low 69 to 73 degrees. downtown, just getting down to the lower 70s. 70s for manassas and up in the suburbs. for tomorrow morning, you'll want to bring out the sunglasses. a lot of us are heading back to work. partly cloudy, warm. temperatures are starting out in the 70s and the 80s. afternoon is still hot with scattered storms. the high of 86 to 91 degrees. and we're going to be downtown, getting into 91. these temperatures will be bumping up just a little bit. pretty much a repeat for today. the next seven days look like this. another hot one tomorrow. 81 tomorrow. 87 with showers and storms earlier on in the day for wednesday. then get ready for the cooler and much more comfortable air. thursday and friday, upper 70s.
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friday, coming up against the braves, looking pretty good. mid-70s with showers late friday night into saturday. so the heat is lasting for just a couple more days. drink lots of water. >> yeah, then it settles down for good. >> yes, it does. baseball weather. we'll be right back.
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♪[ music ] >> and this week, fans will have their chance to bid farewell to the god father of go go. it all starts tomorrow with a public viewing through the d.c. music legend. it goes from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. then the community can attend a memorial on thursday from noon to three at the washington convention center. we'll also be covering it live on
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> tom cruise, adam sandler, stallone and arnold. >> i'm back. >> it's "e.t.'s" blockbuster summer movie preview. batman versus spider-man. snow white, prometheus, madea, and whitney houston's final performance. we'll tell you what to see this summer. kevin costner. ♪ when the angels came reaching out to the grieving families of america's fallen soldiers. >> everybody's heart broken. >> plus, his new civil war era mini-series "hatfield and mccoys." >> you get to put a beard -- you don't have to wear a tie. >> and -- ♪ hey mr. tambourine man meet the mystery musicians who really played on '60s hits.